In 1990:

Apple was facing its first decline in sales.

Larry Page was in high school and Sergey Brin went on exchange program to Soviet Union.

Microsoft launched the Office suite.

Amazon did not exist.

Samsung was splitted into 4 groups and was looking its way.

Toyota begun for the very first time to offer a full line of cars.

Marck Zuckerberg was 6 years old.


In 2017:

Coca-Cola has the same brand value than 15 years ago.

Kellogg’s brand has its third consecutive year of loss of value.

Kodak struggles to survive.

Marlboro is out of the ranking.

American Express brand has the same value it had in 2004.

Sony is worth half of what it was worth 17 years ago.

Nescafe strives to recover its old position.

Where do you want your brand to be in the future? Think what you’re doing now.


Felipe Schmitt-Fleischer

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